How Can We Create an Effective Technical Content Brief for an Educational Client

As part of my SEO journey, I have reviewed and posted a lot of content. I would like to create a best practice guide for beginner level content writers In order to create for an educational website blog not only engaging but high ranking content that would rank well I will show you an example […]

Latest seo updates

SEO Updates Last Month October 2021 | Latest Updates From Google Search, Google Ads, and Bing

1. Microsoft bing launched a content submission API in public 3rd September 2021 This API can be used to inform bing about the changes in your website’s content. 2. Google completed roll out of page experience update 3rd September 2021 The rollout has started on 15th June. The page experience factor is the tiebreaker ranking […]

Lead Generation

12 Effective Lead Generation Strategies (+ Examples)

Keywords to optimize the article for: Lead Generation Strategies Constantly chasing for the next business lead can zap precious time from an entrepreneur’s busy schedule. If that sounds familiar, it might be time to get a proper lead generation strategy set up for your business. But when it comes to business leads, there is more […]

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? ( Learn in 15 minutes )

Do you really wanna learn digital marketing? Well, before we dive into the digital marketing basics and advanced technics, Let’s discuss What is digital marketing? The way we are discussing is a step by step strategies What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is an act of marketing a product or services online, Popular channels are […]

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