14 SEO Strategies That Will Increase Your Rankings

Ranking your website on Google search engine is tough. It’s even tougher when you’re in a competitive industry. But with the right SEO strategy, you can rank your website at the top of the search engine results page. Here are 14 SEO strategies that will give your website the boost it needs to rank higher on the search engine results page.

1. Make your site mobile-friendly.

2. Use keywords in the title, meta description, and page content.

3. Have a high-quality website design.

4. Optimize your website for mobile devices.

5. Create informative and high-quality content.

6. Use Google Analytics to measure your website’s success.

Make your site mobile-friendly

When people search for a particular product or service, a high percentage of their traffic will come from mobile devices. To make your site mobile-friendly, make sure it displays properly on mobile devices and that the navigation works properly. Make sure the color and font of your site are readable on the different devices. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile search. Google actually has a mobile site builder you can use that will help you build a mobile-optimized website. Install Google Analytics It’s always a good idea to have a good set of tools at your disposal. You can use Google Analytics to measure your website’s success and determine what type of content is engaging readers.

Use keywords in the title, meta description, and page content

Make your website a strong candidate for top rankings by using keywords in the title, meta description, and page content. The more your keywords appear in the title, meta description, and page content, the more likely your website will be ranked in the first page of search results. On a Google page, the first few lines are an example of the text that Google will display for search queries. It should be the most relevant content you can create. To increase your chances of ranking, try to rank for as many searches as you can. In my opinion, the most important keywords are the keywords you can use to rank for “general” or “money” or “pets” or “technology” or “beauty.” Start with the most important search words and rank for those first.

Have a high-quality website design

Does your website have a well-designed, high-quality design? Or maybe your website design is outdated, and it doesn’t rank well on the search engine results pages. Either way, you’re losing out on valuable visibility. Your website’s design can make or break your search engine ranking. A poorly designed website may fall prey to spam bots, which can lower your site’s overall ranking. When you’re building your website, take a look at sites like Yelp, Zomato, and TripAdvisor to see how they rank in their respective categories. Then, look at your own site. If you have a web page that looks as if it was designed in 1999, it’s probably not ready for prime time. The goal is to create a web page that your audience wants to interact with on their mobile devices.

Optimize your website for mobile devices

Mobile devices are the future of online search engine optimization. Every search query of today has a mobile version. So, your website’s ranking depends on its mobile-friendliness. It’s simple to make your website mobile-friendly. Just make sure your site is fully optimized for search engines. This includes making sure the top content and the content you provide for your search engine results page is optimized for mobile users. Google Analytics will also let you measure the success of your mobile-optimized site. Optimize for mobile devices There are plenty of simple ways to make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices. Create a responsive site, which is responsive design when used for mobile devices.

Create informative and high-quality content

Having a blog on your website is a great way to make your content more engaging and impactful. Research has found that user engagement on your website increases as more and more content is added to your blog. This means that the more often you blog, the more engaging your site will become. Why is that? Because your readers will visit your blog for a particular topic on a regular basis, which will drive you to create more content on that same topic. Keep in mind, however, that if you are creating content for multiple areas, your readers will visit your site for more unique content, which will drive you to create more unique content. Here are some great blog writing techniques to get you started: Short, condensed articles will leave your readers wanting more.

SEO for beginners

Use Google Analytics to measure your website’s success

7. Use a more targeted keyword phrase for each page on your website.

8. Don’t build your site with only a few keywords.

9. Use external resources to get ideas for your content.

10. Evaluate your website to see what might be hurting its ranking.

11. Use social media.

12. Use content marketing.

13. Be sure your website loads quickly on mobile devices.

14. Use best practices in SEO.

15. List your website’s unique selling points.

16. Use meta tags with keywords.

17. Use keyword density.

18. Use content marketing for search engine optimization.

19. Don’t duplicate content on your website.

20. Optimize images for search engine indexing.

21. Be sure your SEO content aligns with each keyword you want to rank for.

22. Use Google’s official URL schema.


Start off your 2021 by ranking your website on Google. These 14 SEO strategies will help you get there.

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